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If your dancer has ever wanted to experience what it is like to be Clara from The Nutcracker, this event is for you!  For ballet dancers 6-11 years old!  Come to A Performing Arts Academy in Salem on Sunday, November 19th 12:15-1:45 pm and be Clara for the day!  Space is limited so register today!  Registration deadline is Friday, November 10th.  Each participant will learn an excerpt from the actual Clara dance taught by our own Clara, receive a "Clara" nightgown, mini tiara, sparkly Nutcracker and Clara ornament.  Cost is $105 per person. Parents will have photo and video opportunity the final 30 minutes of the event!  Everyone should wear their hair in a bun, (a little make up optional) and wear a pink or white leotard to dance in and go under the nightgown, and pink tights and bring their ballet slippers! 


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